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Welcome to the most innovative, exciting and unique Business Angels Network in the UK.

The Evergreen Life Organisation (ELO) have been in existence for a number of years in various guises. We have been networking with fellow investors since 1985, and been involved in many successful and varied joint venture investments. We have invested in Hedge funds, Stocks, Options, Gold & Silver, Property, Wine, Restaurants, Pubs, Security, Antiques, Classic cars, Films, Inventions, Eco projects, Thoroughbred horses, Media, Facilities, Finance, Diamonds and Forex to name but a few!

ELO are a very successful and effective partnership providing opportunities and projects for our members, which help improve our financial life through following our ELO Philosophy of 'Wealth, Health, Future & Diversity'

We have now re-organised our Business Angels Network and formed ELO as an exclusive membership, to bring together all of our fellow investors to help forge the future of new and existing businesses here in UK and overseas.


Are you fed up with 2% per annum interest?

All indications show that interest rates wil remain low for some time yet, with some commentators speculating as far ahead as 2014. If you are fed up with low returns from the banks, we can offer opportunities that will provide our members with wealth and other additional bonuses aimed at improving your health and helping to secure your future.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The ELO philosophy of 'Wealth, Health, Future & Diversity' is not just about making money.

Our Opportunities

Our Vision

We are a Business Angel Network that is at the forefront of the investment industry...

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